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Hi! I'm Ruka. I'm a new graphic designer at Moonlight Rhapsody. I don't really have much to say... For my first post, I'll add some avatars (Full Moon wo Sagashite).

I guess I'll do CLAMP graphics next. BTW, the av I'm using right now is from MR.
That's all for now. laughing
Posted on 12 Nov 2006 by Ruka

Another long hiatus
Yes yes, we haven't been updating this site for AGES. Unfortunately, this will have to continue for another at least 1-3 months due to upcoming exams. This year is a critical year for all the admin. Hence, we really have no time to update the respective pages. If we do have any new graphics, we'll post it along with the updates.

As for the other staff members, it is really a shame to say but I haven't been keeping touch with some of them for ages. It seems that they are pretty busy as well. As for the others, they have submitted new graphics to me but I haven't managed to upload them. I am really sorry about this.

I apologize for all the inconvenience caused. To all affiliates, link exchanges and friends, I apologize for having not visit your site for ages as well. crying And to all who requested for affiliation, you'll get a reply from us after the hiatus as well sad and if you're still interested, why not?

Last but not least, to those who requested for graphics, you'll also have to wait till our exams are over. You should have received a reply from us regarding your requests.

5 new avatars:

[edit] Playlist has been updated with new songs. Click under extra for the link to our playlist [/edit]

If you like our graphics, please keep on supporting us. Your sweet comments are appreciated =)

Plugs to new addition to flyne network: Alchemist, Flame vs Fullmetal
Posted on 07 Sep 2006 by Eve

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